The Don’t Give Up Guide

Do you ever go through phases when you feel overwhelmed; when all of your problems stack on top of one another forming an insurmountable wall?  Then it takes you a day or two to get over the initial panicked feeling.  You’re stuck, in a rut, pissed off… You might cry or be too busy to cry and instead push onward in a dazed and irritated state.

What to do?  How do we get over our problems and ourselves

On this hump day I’m here to tell you not to give up.  Put your social media feeds away.  Shut the negativity out.  Stay on point. Keep going. If you stop working towards your goals today, five years from now you’ll realize that you could have been five years ahead…

feel better guide

10 unusual and effective ideas to help you when you’re about to reach your breaking point and give up.

1. Be inclusive, not exclusive. Be special and stand out by welcoming people into your world. Beware of the selfie. I’ve honestly never heard someone say anything positive about someone’s selfie in real life (as opposed to on the social media it was posted on). Consider this before posting:  Is what you’re saying or doing genuinely inviting people into your world? Or are you just bragging? Let the qualities you seek in others shine out, good things will come to you. It’s just natural for the universe to unfold that way.


2. Look outwards, not inwards. Instead of looking at your own progress, take a look at someone else.  Shifting the focus away from you, and supporting someone else not only feeds inspiration but it’s just a kind thing to do.  In my case I know that no matter how many times I look at my stats it’s not going to help anything grow. However, when I look at other bloggers and build new connections I’m taking action to grow my readership. A watched pot never boils.

3.  Put your head down and get to work. If you’re trying to lose weight, how is stepping on the scale multiple times a day going to encourage you to keep at it? Give yourself time to see actual progress.  Your Twitter handle isn’t going to explode overnight unless you’ve take action. Measuring your progress every few hours opens the pathway for negative thoughts to creep in.  Things are meant to fluctuate. Everyone has good and bad days.

the feel better guide

4. Go out of your way and really help someone. Everyone is struggling and chances are someone is feeling worse than you.

5. Visualize your dream. How will we know where we’re going unless we know our destination? Having SMART goals and writing it down transforms our dreams into a plan.

6. Take inventory of your wins. It’s easy to set aside small wins because we’re so focused on pushing toward our final goal.  For bloggers: celebrate every new follower, like, and success.  People clicked that button because they like you, they really like you!

7. Don’t forget what really matters. Life is full of trivial nonsense. If you’re healthy and have a circle of people around you that love you, you’ve already won.  Everything else is just extra.

8. Share carefully.  This might sound a little cynical but I strongly believe in not sharing your struggles with a lot of people.  There are a lot of emotional vampires out there who love hearing about you going through a hard time.  Misery loves company. Only speak to people who really have your best interest at heart, have nothing to gain from your failures, and who aren’t competitive with you.

9. Accept that life isn’t easy.  Big extraordinary things require a lot of work. Every moment you feel challenged and frustrated remember that your goal is worth it.

the feel better guide10. Accept change and rearrange.  Sometimes things don’t work out.  Don’t be narrow minded when looking forward.  Part of succeeding is learning how to adapt and work with what you have.  Don’t feel like a failure for altering your plans to make life a little easier.  In the end, I’ve learned that it’s not about being the best, but being remembered. I’ve always been a very driven, goal-oriented kind of girl.  For a long time I thought success meant a million dollar home and a lavish lifestyle.  I couldn’t be more wrong.  As the years go by I realize that my primary goal is to leave as many unforgettable moments as I can behind. So I might not have a painting in the Museum of Modern Art or sell a NY Times bestseller; but I’ll be remembered fondly through spaghetti and dessert.  While my ego is still recovering from this revelation, I know (deep inside) that it’s enough for me…but I still paint….because….


I hope this  “feel better guide” pulls you through the rest of your week with a new sense of determination, hope, and positive energy. Good luck and carry on.

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XOXO, Jessica (an army wife making the transition to suburban life)

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