Family Style French Onion Soup is Best Served With A Side of Wisdom [on Cooking]

French onion soup for all! Making a recipe that was intended for one can now be made for many.

family style french onion soupI would have to order french onion soup almost every time I saw it on a menu because I knew that it would be my only chance to have it. Back in my single days I wouldn’t have gone through all the effort for one little bowl of soup. Now that I’m cooking for four, I don’t own enough little ovenproof bowls so I never considered making it.  It’s funny how the size of our family can inhibit us from making the things we really want.  The most special part about this recipe is that it grows with your family, just add an extra baguette and cheese for additional servings. I could have made a small sacrifice and accept not having french onion soup. Then the though of melted cheese haunted me until I couldn’t take it anymore, so I started making it.  This is what happened….

family style french onion soup recipefamily style french onion soup recipe

As an only child the shock I experienced marrying into a mega huge family kept me in a very private culinary corner.  At first, I’m sure a lot of my in laws doubted my cooking skills since the first dish I ever contributed was a total failure.  It was my family’s special and slightly weird side dish, carrots and cornflakes.  I didn’t realize that the cornflakes were going to get soggy because I never had to make something ahead of time.  I know, it’s crazy, I think I might have grown up in the twilight zone.  There were a lot of leftovers, and it was a great opportunity for my sister in law to tell me how she hates cooked carrots.  After that Thanksgiving I thought about divorcing John and moving to the opposite side of the country, never to be seem or heard from again.  I chose to swallow my pride, cook on, and remain married.

awkward family photoHere we are surviving my first holiday season. Pictures were kept to a minimum because we didn’t have kids yet.  I tried Photoshopping the awkward out…but failed.

My carrots and cornflakes were followed by undercooked pasta, cold roasted chickens, and many more disasters.  Cooking for a large bunch was challenging!  By the time I finished plating my 12 part brunch the first plate was cold.  It was time I changed my failing (cooking for two) methods, and figured something else out.  Then I KISSed (keep it simple stupid) myself.

The key is to make one large vat of something that’s heated in the oven or under the broiler and served family style. BOOM!  After that realization I went on to cook a few large scale meals including a six course Christmas Eve dinner for 18 people.  It took five years for me to understand that if I didn’t change my cooking methods I was going to fail, every time.

This french onion soup recipe proves that if we make a few adjustments to the way we do things, we can have what we want. If you still want to use individual bowls, I would buy these.  Aren’t they glorious? The little tray these pots come on puts me over the edge.  I just love them. P.S. My birthday is July 30th. This is an affiliate link, if you buy from them you’ll be supporting my site and sanity.



french onion soup recipeFamily style french onion soup is just onions, garlic, red wine, thyme, and beef stock simmered in a pot for 30 minutes.  I threw in some kale, which is totally optional.  You might want to try it if you’re planning on having this soup for dinner.  The baguette and Gruyere topping makes this recipe appear like a daunting task but don’t be fooled.  This is very easy and fairly quick to make. Plan on making it the day after you buy a good baguette and use half of the fresh bread for sandwiches. I bought the Balthazar baguette from Whole Foods because it’s very chewy and turns into a solid rock the day after.  It keeps it’s shape and doesn’t turn to a soggy mess.

family style french onion soup recipe

If you want to see the recipe for family style french onion soup click over to The Best Blog Recipes!

french onion soup recipeHere is a random shot of some onions for those pretty food pinners.

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    Love French Onion Soup and never thought to make it family style. Will have to give this a try. BTW- I tried clicking on the link and I got a 404 error, but was able to find it on the site by typing it into the search bar.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful project on The Inspiration Board at homework. You were featured in the spotlight! It looks so delicious!
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    Hi! I’d love to make this recipe but when i click the link the domain isn’t registered anymore! Can you please share the recipe? Thanks!


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