Get Paid To DIY

So you have a great idea…

77f395b272497f3bc3dbb774d2129095I have of those too.

cacb987be2de2547e45ce0314145726eWhat I’m about to tell you will change everything…in your house at least.

c9ed3133a4283e5de8b9126a23fa7b1eWhile I love to decorate and turn something that’s eh into awesome I don’t have tons of cash to buy neat things from design shops or antique stores to complete all of those pinterest ideas.

What if I told you there’s a place that exists filled to the brim with Apartment Therapy-ish looking furniture.  What if I told you that if you send them a before and after pic you will receive a $10 dollar credit? You heard that right. Habitat for Humanity will give you a $10 credit for every DIY picture you send them. Of course you must purchase the item you’re going to DIY from Habitat. Trust me, $10 will buy you a great deal of stuff. I spent $25 and got 3 hand-stitched (stain free) doilies, 4 bone china plates, 3 vintage pins, a glass, and a set of mother of pearl coasters (handmade in Turkey), Creepshow and The Blob (still in the plastic) VHS’s.  Thank God I have a video tape player. Although I might save the unopened Blob tape to resell at a later time. I know…This is an insanely good deal. Right?

Some of you who are already in on the secret might want to wring my neck for sharing the biggest DIY super secret location, and for that I’m sorry. While I was there with a couple ladies [and 4 kids], I saw three sofas each priced for less than $200 a piece.  One was a wooden framed red velvet settee that was beyond stylish.  I nearly died.  While I’ve reached my sofa maximum allotment, I’m sure there’s a lot of you out there looking for furniture.

My sister in law picked up a hand painted rocking chair for $34. We went to an antique store immediately afterwards and found the same exact chair priced at $375! I also saw a Crate and Barrel lounge in MINT condition. Crazy…

Run to the nearest location before your fellow DIYer gets there first. RUN!  habitat for humanityClick here to find a store near you.

I wish I could have taken more photos but Dottie was too busy trying to escape into the streets of Asbury Park.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on Habitat’s Restore’s inventory. #GodHelpHer

Dining room photo.

Kids room photo.

Living room photo.

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    There is a shelter for habitat for humanity a few cities over from me. I actually donated a couple things last year when I moved. Thanks for sharing, I like getting involved in anything local. I hope your having a great day.

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    That sounds too good to be true! I’m checking into this for sure! Thank you for the tip, I’ve pinned this post! 🙂

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    OMG!!! I just checked for the store nearest me and it’s only 20 minutes away! I never knew about it!! Thanks for sharing! Also, where would you send the picture to?

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    I shop the re-store all the time, but I had no idea that they did this. What is the link that you send the picture to.? Pinned

    • Jessica says

      I’ll call and ask them if there’s an email I can send it to. In the meantime, I would physically bring it (on your phone) in the next time I go.

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    Great ideas and inspiration! We do lots of upcycling and refashioning of everything from home decor to furniture to clothing to shoes . . . . . so we will definitely have to visit our Habitat for Humanity store very soon! Thanks for sharing your ideas and for inspiring us to keep creating those fun DIY projects. Stopping by from the SITS Girls Linky Party – hope to catch up with you aging this coming week! Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

    • Jessica says

      Thanks for clicking over Nina! This store has been a huge game changer for my DIY projects. See you around!

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    WHAT?! This is amazing!! I was just there a week or two ago, this really might be the best news I have heard all day. Thank you!!


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