9 Food Presentation Tips

Cooking food has never been an issue.  When it comes to photographing it with props and making an appealing presentation, my love for food transforms into — a job.  It’s so frustrating! When a new recipe comes out piping hot I just want to dive in. This is definitely the biggest con of food blogging.  I don’t have time to set up props or make dinner at 3pm for the right lighting.  We’re moms. We’re too busy.


Here are a few things I’ve figured out over the past year about food styling.  These tips are quick enough to get the job done in time to eat a warm dinner. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. Give your recipes the attention they deserve.

25-food-styling-and-photography1. Utilize the beauty that food already has to offer. Think lots of color. Cut produce to reveal it’s prettiest shape.

08ccd45e8c72b71d70e503b163759fa92.Lay it out. Lay a salad out on a platter to make an ombre effect instead of mixing it in a bowl. Get the most of out seasonal fruit with a puff pastry part. It’s the prettiest and simplest dessert you can make this summer.

tarts3. Play with your food. Use pantry food items to create pictures and lettering.

cute cupcake topper ideas


4. Put it on a stick. Any appetizer on a stick will be eaten because it won’t make for messy hands.  The sticks also add a new design element and individualize each piece of food.


5. Make it better than store bought. Don’t settle for what the grocery store has. Instead, take a look on Pinterest or a craft store for food props.

6. Stack it. Who likes a messy pile of anything? Create artful order by stacking everything. Plus, It’s a great profile shot for food blogging.



7. Keep it holy. I actually mean whole. Whole foods create an abundant feast-like feeling.  Plus it’s less prep work in the end.


8. Mind your containers. Is the color of your food clashing with the plate you put it on? When it doubt use clear glass or white. Does the container go with the theme of the recipe? Tea cakes on tiny floral plates make sense. Inventive gastronomic masterpieces (a dish with many elements) should go on something with clean lines and preferably white.


9. Add paper. Don’t forget to utilize napkins or wrap that sandwich in parchment to give it a pretty and professional look.


For more food styling ideas you can stop by my food styling pin board.

Plus, here’s an insanely good article (more like 5 articles all linked together) on photographing and styling food. Check it out bloggers!

xoxo, Jessica (aw2sl)

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Lovely comments

  1. says

    Love these tips!! I need to work on this because although I have some great looking food, it could be presented better with just a little work! Thanks for a great reminder.

  2. says

    These are gorgeous photos 🙂 Good food presentation makes a meal more enjoyable, satisfying, and memorable, which is why it’s nice to take time to pretty up our homemade meals. I’ll be using some of these tips!

    • Jessica says

      Thanks Mia, but I can’t take the credit for a lot of these. I found a lot of them on Pinterest! Presentation is everything on the internet. Have a great day!

    • Jessica says

      Thank you so much. I think the hardest part is telling a story with the photos and dealing with lukewarm food after the shoot.


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