New York City Day Trip with Kids

Despite my inescapable sarcasm [in this post], we did have a nice time.

vacation is like love quote, disney,

It was a bright sunny Sunday.  John and I could have been home leisurely sipping wine on the front porch, but after two months of virtually zero “summer fun” we gave in. You could say Alice’s arm was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I felt so guilty that she’ll be missing out on the last three weeks of summer stuff that I gathered my courage and coin to take her and little Dot to the Big Apple.

That morning we got up and went to church at 0-dark-thirty, and drove towards New York.

We’re going to do this. We’re really going to do this…
Howdy Dudey Time—- GO!

NYC tip #1 – There’s a great parking garage two avenue blocks from the front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s on 82nd St. between Lexington and Park Ave.


It didn’t take long for Dottie May to appear on the wrong side of the rope. Alice was trying to reason with her and get her down before she got yelled at.  Alice was too late…

NYC tip #2 – The Met is for kids over 7 years old and prodigies of all ages.  To older kids it will be as exciting as a field trip but since you’ll be going on a weekend or holiday there won’t be any “playing hooky” feeling…so it’ll probably be boring to them anyway unless they’re art or history enthusiasts.

All John wanted to do was eat a hot dog ever since he saw the stand in front of the museum. Dot asked to go home about 4 times within the first hour.  I tiger-momed my way through the American Art Wing and Egyptian artifacts.


Did you know you’re not allowed to give your kids piggy back rides at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? It’s true. John tried giving Dot a lower piggy back ride with her legs by his waist, but he still got yelled at.  washington-crossing

The girls loved seeing the armor and swords, after that, they were dying to get outta there.  Our original plan was the spend the entire day at the Met.  When I think about it now I feel like one of those new dumb moms that brings their baby to a movie when they’re 2. Oh, and I’ve done that as well. Tangled! 

Since we were right next to Central Park we decided to take a walk towards the zoo, a very kid-friendly thing to do. We bought overpriced water and ice pops, hoofed the stroller up and down hills.  Just another leisurely Sunday in the park…in New York CITY.  We came to NY-City to go to a park?

NYC tip #3 – Save lots of money and bring water and snacks.


Once we arrived I forgot how small the zoo is.  There’s literally five different species to see… Dot needed to make sure that I saw the seals.  Look! LOOOOK!


The penguin tank looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since my last visit, over 10 years ago.

Afterwards we continued south towards FAO Shwartz. We bought the kids a couple things which was the highlight of the entire day.

We were D-O-N-E after that… The girls got there very first cab ride that afternoon- 20 blocks for $6.50. Not bad!

NYC tip #4 – Take (a car seatless) cab ride if you’re not going far.  The subway is about $2 per person.  Do the math and you might find that a taxi is cheaper and way easier than lugging your stroller up and down those stairs.


Then Dot fell asleep. Thank you Jesus…


If you’re in the Upper East Side and want something casual go to Five Mile Stone. Very friendly, very quiet, and a superb tap list of micro brews.  We were originally supposed to go to a “kid-friendly” tourist trap, but I decided that food is of the utmost importance, and food shall be the priority; as opposed to my “kid’s dining experience.” —>give me a break.

NYC tip #5 – Treat yo’self for dinner.  Your entire day doesn’t have to be about your kids! They’ll be so tired that a chair and some crayons will (should) be enough.  Ask a local for a good place to eat.



If you want to take this day trip:

  1. Park at that spot I told you about, 82nd between Lex. and Park.
  2. Walk west towards the Met.
  3. Walk south to the Central Park Zoo.
  4. Walk south towards the bottom of the park.  You’ll see the Apple Store and FAO.
  5. Cab it back up north via Madison Ave. (that street goes in the right direction) towards 85th and 2nd Ave.
  6. Stroll back to the car.

Do you have any New York City day trip ideas? Leave a tip in the comments and I’ll tweet it! Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week. I’ll be posting a go to artichoke recipe along with Pin Your Friday Favorite later on.  Bye bye!

xoxo, Jessica (aw2sl)

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    Oh my gosh how fun! They look like they’re having a blast. Aww, I hope her arm heals up quickly. Poor little thing. They are so cute! I’m glad you guys had fun and I hope you’ve had a great Wednesday.

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