All about dentistry

Dentistry is also called oral and dental medicine because it is the branch of medicine. The purpose of dentistry is to serve for  diagnosing diseases, treatments of diseases, disorders, conditions and prevention related to oral health. It is not only concerned with the  inner area of month but also the jaw and facial areas but it is mainly concerned with the teeth. The structures it deals with are muscular, lymphatic, nervous, anatomical structures and vascular structures. All the treatments at the dentistry clinic is performed by dentist and dental auxiliaries which includes dental technicians, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental therapists.

Oral diseases are the diseases which sometimes give birth to other diseases related to general health.

Dental treatments that are carried out the most:

Mostly when people visit dentistry clinics they get these problems resolved which are tooth decay and gum disease that is also called pyorrhea. The treatments that are commonly carried out are  root canal, removal of teeth, restoration of teeth, scaling and root planning, extraction of teeth, cosmetic dentistry and other surgical procedures.

Degree required to become a dentist


Degree or a certificate that is required in order to be a dentist is of four years in most areas of the world which is sometimes called Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery. Their abbreviations are DDS and DDM respectively. 

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is also offered by dentists which means the removal of infected part of the teeth that is usually the pulp and nerve. The nerve is dead so removing it out is not painful at all. There are high numbers of chances for the root canal to be successful.

How is cosmetic dentistry different from dentistry

Most of the treatments in dentistry are related to the functioning of teeth while cosmetic surgery is used to enhance the appearance of teeth and it is not necessary that it is done to improve the functionality of the teeth gums or a bite but it helps in improving the appearance, overall smile, shape, size, gaps, position, colour and aesthetics of the teeth. 

It is not always necessary to be performed unlike other dentistry treatments but people who are self obsessed usually bother getting this cosmetic dentistry done. Hollywood smile Abu Dhabi is a renowned dentistry clinic in Dubai and it offers tooth implants in Abu Dhabi as well.