Essential Plumbing Tools That Every Plumber Should Possess

A drain snake is an essential plumbing tool that a plumber should have in their arsenal. This tool has a long coiled metal cable that feeds from a circular drum and a handle that reaches up into the drain to remove a clog. A plumber can also use a sink or toilet auger to clear clogs. These tools are essential for a plumbing company in Dubai and save a plumber’s day.

Copper pipe cutter:

A copper pipe cutter is a must-have tool for any plumber. The copper pipe cutter, similar to a C-clamp, allows a clean cut on the pipe while preventing a clean seal in fittings. Unlike the C-clamp, a copper pipe cutter will leave no shards of copper on the cut surface, allowing for a cleaner cut. When used correctly, this tool will prevent a leak and ensure that the pipe can be sealed properly.


Another essential tool for any plumber is a jigsaw. Many faucets and showerheads cannot be removed without it. This tool is essential for removing pipework from floorboards or other surfaces. Kay is another essential tool that is indispensable in the plumbing field. This tool will allow you to bleed a radiator and adjust valves, and a spanner will help you reach a tight spot. A universal gas meter key will allow you to access gas meters. A water shut-off key is also vital for turning off the mains water supply.

Plumbing snake:

A plumbing snake can make the job a lot easier. Although it requires experience, the jigsaw will help you find the exact location of the problem and allow you to fix it. A plumbing snake can save a project. A bucket is an important tool that many people take for granted but is necessary for many jobs. It’s also useful for catching debris, spills, and broken pipe nipples.

Electrician’s hammer:

An electrician’s hammer is a great way to cut pipes. Its blunt end can be used to remove screws and nuts. An octagon is a good tool for detecting a leak. An angle grinder is another essential plumbing tool. It can be used to cut through phelp remove helpful in removing hard-to-reach spots.

The flashlight is a necessity:

A flashlight is a necessity. A flashlight is a cheap and lightweight tool and useful for plumbing work. Using it to trace the location of a leak is especially important if it’s dark. A claw hammer can also be a useful tool. Its toothy end is great for removing tough nails or screws.