Risks in IVF

Though the process of In Vitro Fertilization pretty common throughout the world and suggested by Urologists in Dubai to those who have been wanting a child, can sometimes go wrong or not as you would have thought it to go.

There are a few risky side effects of IVF which you need to know before getting yourself into.

Starting from not very risky ones, there might be a small amount of fluid that passes after the procedure. This fluid can either be clear or a tiny bit of blood stained which is sometimes normal in certain cases.

Very mild cramping and bloating can be felt as if you are experiencing normal period cramps. Constipation can also occur which shouldn’t get you much worrying but if you experience some symptoms which seems to be out of the ordinary such as heavy bleeding instead of normal blood tainted clear liquid or pelvic pain, blood in urine or maybe a normal fever can sometimes be something very dangerous which means that your doctor needs to be contacted urgently.

These side effects or symptoms are not always a result of IVF process, in fact the medication that is included also plays a major role in it. These medications can cause headaches, mood swings, pain in abdomen, hot flashes or even – in pretty rare cases – OHSS also known as ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome. Though, a very rare side effect but it can sometimes cause death. Nothing to be too afraid off, just simply get it checked from your doctor and thoroughly research about it.

As there are risks associated with every thing, so does they with IVF. The biggest risk is of OHSS which can cause vomiting, rare urinary frequency, running out of breath pretty easily which can then lead to fainting and severe stomach pains. The one which is most significant and you easy to recognize will be rapid increase in weight.

Another problem of choosing IVF is that many insurance companies do not cover the cost of IVF and it can be pretty expensive. IVF cost in Dubai can range from AED 25,000 to 40,000 per cycle which thankfully sometimes include consultation fee.

Despite this fertility process being expensive, it is still in demand by many couples who are not able to conceive easily.