A Brief History of Audio Visual Aids

Risen from the cave world, mankind has brought some really astonishing discoveries, from building houses and society to communicating with wireless technology, humankind has outdone itself and Audio visual aids is just one of them.

Audio visual companies in Dubai have shown remarkable improvement as it wasn’t easy to reach the position where AV stands now. It started from several small solutions who collaborated with different mediums and came together to a single platform to provide us with Audio Visual Aids.

Dating back to the 19th Century when cameras were introduced and first ever video aid came into existence, since then the filming technology has made several advancements from producing a silver chloride coated picture in 1861 to a century later when Kodak came into being. The film industry after that caught a grip on the cameras and kept innovating until we were handed with a complete audio visual device in our hands which would record and play visuals as well as audio proving to be a great invention for mankind as it is now used by event management agencies in Dubai taking full advantage of this brilliance.

After the films were recorded, there was a need for a medium where these recordings could play and that’s when the real advancements kicked in. In the early 2000s LED lights were introduced and then these lights were used in TV and Sony was the first ever company to unveil the masterpiece of LED backlight TV which then gave an open invitation to all the other types of LED TVs as a decade later, OLED (organic LED) was introduced.

Where as if we move to the audio aids then it wasn’t until 1876 when the first microphone was produced. Microphones have been a brilliant innovation used excessively by every on stage individual and these microphones also made a cameo in almost every popular magazine and newspaper.

The most popular output audio aid is a gramophone. This gramophone would play back the recorded audio which is still in vintage fashion these days extensively used by our ancestors to play classical songs. The trend hasn’t died, it is still there with new innovations such as ipod and headphones & earphones which would help you listen to anything in the form of audio.

Audio Visual aids are extremely important because our daily life and routine depends on it.