Dos and Don’ts for a successful root canal result

Root canal treatment in Dubai is one of the most common dental treatments that people aim for and it comes as a blessing for those whose tooth cannot be saved with a simple filling but instead requires proper removing of pulp for a healthier tooth. You may think that best dental implant clinic in Dubai can solve all your problems but there are still a few things that you must take care of in order to receive better results. Here are some Dos and Don’ts that you should consider:


  • Try to avoid chewing foods from the side of your mouth which is being treated for root canal. Any kind of stress on the treated side can misplace the crown or if the crown isn’t yet placed, then taking care becomes extra necessary.
  • Maintaining oral and overall hygiene is very important especially in such cases where you are being treated for a disease or a condition. Make sure you are taking extra care of your mouth after root canal to avoid any more risks.
  • As mentioned earlier that chewing hard foods can be dangerous especially when the crown isn’t yet placed, no matter how much care you take care of your mouth there is always a chance of missing something this is why get your crown replaced as quickly as possible.
  • In case you are in pain, make sure that you ask your doctor to prescribe you a pain reliever because carrying on with your daily routine can become tricky with pain.


  • Don’t eat hard or crunchy foods because that can add stress to the side of mouth which you are being treated on. It is not a good idea to eat from that side of mouth as well, use the other one.
  • Even though maintaining oral health is important and taking extra care in such cases becomes important but this doesn’t mean that you should start brushing aggressively because that is also a kind of stress that you are posing on your mouth.
  • Don’t think that once you are done with root canal, your duty finishes but instead go for follow up appointments because they are also as necessary even if you feel like you don’t need them.